The i-Budy device

The libibbudy API

Utilities / Demo applications

The libibuddy is released with a sample CLI tool called ibuddycmd. With this tool you can easily control the i-Buddy device from the command line.

ibuddycmd usage

With the ibuddycmd tool, you can drive the i-buddy from the command line. By design, the command can only handle one i-buddy device, the first found in the devices list.

ibuddycmd [id] <command> [args]

Th id is the iBuddy number in the usb scan list. First iBuddy ID is O. If not provided, this argument will be 0 by default.

The command can be :

flip & flap arguments

Sample usage

The i-Budy device


The latest version is the v0.0.2, see GitHub.

v0.0.1 : changelog for details.

Version Sources Checksum
v0.0.1 libibuddy-0.0.1.tgz libibuddy-0.0.1.sum


The code is delivered under BSD License