lcpu displays in a top(1) style the CPU stats


Just run lcpustats


There is no argument.

Displayed informations

lcpustats displays the amount of time the CPU has spent performing different kinds of work since lcpustats was started. Time units are in USER_HZ or Jiffies and all the data comes from /proc/stats. The display is refreshed every second. and if between two refreshes a values changes, the number is printed in red.

The printed values are :

Download & Build

Version Sources Checksum
v0.1 lcpustats-0.1.tgz lcpustats-0.1.sum

Build sequence :

% tar xzf lcpustats-0.1.tgz
% cd lcpustats-0.1
% cc lcpustats.c -o lcpustats

You can now run or copy the lcpustats binary.