The Checkmail application let’s you check your remote email account status, from the command line, to see if you have new messages.

Checkmail uses the pop protocol to query your email account and display, the date, the sender and the subject of any new email receive since your last query.


rodrigo@hodja% checkmail -r mypopaccount
Checkmail by rodrigo osorio
 (c) May 28 2008
recuperation des messages.... 
M01 : Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 22:39:53 +0200
M01 : From: "Pierre lagent" <>
M01 : Subject: Appartement a vendre super affaire


checkmail [-r] [<account_name>]

Configuration Files

In your home create a .checkmail directory and set its permission to 700 to protect it.

In This directory you can create one file per pop account.

The account files has the “.act” extension. The file syntax the username followed by the mail server as displayed below.

% ls ~/.checkmail

% cat ~/.checkmail/mypopaccount.acc

The account password is requested at every connection, for debugging purpose a single password can be stored in a ‘pass’ file located in the accounts directory. This password will be used for any account.


checkmail.c: Download the source code


The code is delivered under BSD License