Podcastdl is a CLI podcast client intended to be used to download podcasted files using a cron like tool


podcastdl -c <path/to/podcast.cfg> -o /some/directory -d <number> [-hilv]

-c path/to/podcast.cfg : The filename containing the list of podcasts
-o /some/directory : The target directory where the files will be saved
-l : Set the log to be written in syslog, otherwise log are written to stderr
-i : Add an additional .info file with information about the podcast
-d <number> : Set the maximum number of days a podcast can have to be downloaded
-v : Verbose mode for debug
-h : help

Sample usage

Download my podcast list for the last three days and store the files in the ./my/output/path directory

% podcastdl -c myplist.cfg -d 3 -o ./my/output/path

Configuration Files

Podcastdl uses a single configuration file containing the list of podcast URLs to check and download. This file is provided to the application through the command line as show in the usages.

A sample configuration file

% cat path/to/podcast.cfg


The latest version is the v0.3.2, see changelog for details.

Podcastdl is also available :


Podcastdl relies on libmrss for the xml parsing. It currently use the 0.19.2 version.


The code is delivered under BSD License